At PROFEX Academy Milan (37) came with 112 kilograms and a large amount of fat tissue and extra fluids. His health was endangered, his ability were at a very low level, but he was determined to solve the problem of obesity for all times. After four months, he lost 31 kilograms and did not intend to stop with exercise and training.

“When people see me after some time, they ask me if I’m sick. I say – I am not, I just lost a lot. All the things I wore are big for me now, and I threw them. I tried to lost my weight a couple of time, i tried everything, but my weight always came back. Now everything is fine”, Milan said.

Although he tried to improve his health in various ways, the system he encountered in PROFEX was something completely different, because he had learned a lot about the exercise and nutrition program.

“The first training was not as difficult as it was interesting. Coming into a new condition, I realized that something is happening with my the organism. I started to feel my body, to do some things, which I did not really try to do before”, Milan said.

He added that after several weeks he achieved results, which according to the professor Ilic were not so great. Than, after a detailed consultation and conversation with professor, he began to work a lot more seriously and entered a good rhythm.

“I’ve lost I think 30 kilograms, it’s a very large mass. However, everything went according to the plan and program. In essence, what we agreed on beginning, and that goal we initially set up, we have achieved”. Milan also continued: “I can not say that it was difficult or easy for me. Of course, there were some trainings when it was just not my day. It depended more on me than on the exercises itself. With good will and desire to reach a certain goal, nothing is difficult. ”

For the team of PROFEX Academy he says has only words of praise, because they are great guys, who do their best in every training.

“I am satisfied with the results and now I take a short break, and I’m returning to PROFEX in winter. Of course, this pause means that I am doing some exercises, Professor Ilic gave me a program how to maintain my courent state until I start practicing again here. This is a fantastic story! I can only say that I am sorry that I have not heard about this about ten years ago. PROFEX Academy is a great thing. I do think there are any words that can describe how good it is.”

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