Ljiljana (57) and Aleksandar (64) Smiljkovic have went through the PROFEX home exercise program. After detailed demonstration trainings, they practiced independently at home , with regular controls in academy (to monitor progress and control the techique of exercising). After five months, Aleksandar lost 20 pounds, with 103 having reached 83, and the wife is, in every sense, overwhelmed by the effects of exercise.

“I came with my husband in PROFEX and I motivated him. We have known for a long time about professor Ilic, but we have constantly delayed this program, always with a “good” excuse. When some circumstances were concluded, we came. We are now at the end, and the “story” is excellent”, Ljiljana said.

According to her, she decided to start exercising, becaouse she wanted to lose a few kilograms for healthy reasons.

“I came to PROFEX, because I understood that my weight was taken control on my body. The results are phenomenal. I have reached 57 kilograms (startet with almost 70), but now, it’s not even important how much did I lost, how is important how I feel in my body. This is key to me. I’m very good with my own body, my body is tight and I am having a need to exercise”, said Ljiljana.

She added that she became aware of how good feel is when “You doing physical exercise”, and she admitted that she had forgotten “how it looks”.

“It was hard at the beginning. It was not a problem with diet, I thought that exercises were hard. What can I say… I should not say how many decades have passed since my last exercise, before I came to PROFEX. I definitely got into this story relatively quickly, in less than a month, when it became normal for me to exercise almost every day “, said Ljiljana.

Ljiljana and Aleksandar were disciplined. Ljiljana underlined that after a month, she felt an improvement because she physically and mentally felt better.

“In PROFEX has a wonderful atmosphere, wonderful people, starting with professor Ilic, cintinuing with all the others that we have met. If I should highlight the most important impressions, it would be extraordinary professionalism, correctness in every sense, the desire to help, to meet each client in every way. I am full of positive impressions about PROFEX academy. I bacome so close with all people and trainers in academy “, Ljiljana said.

Professor Dusko Ilic underlined that it was inspiring to watch people who are 60-year-olds, for whom life has just begun.

“The joy of even the slightest change in the body composition and the level of desire to share with us was extremely striking. So it happened that, by the arrival of beautiful circumstances, the entire work was carried out completely from the heart”, professor said.

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