The brothers Vladan and Uros came to the PROFEX Academy in a very sensitive period of growth and development, when both of them were at high speed of increasing of body height and bone components. This has caused major postural problems – the disorder of the spinal column, the chest and the position of the pelvis and knee joints have been impaired. On the other hand, the amount of active muscle tissue was very low, and coordination and other motor skills were underdeveloped even though they trained basketball.

“I wanted to prepare my children, because they started to play basketball, because at clubs they do not pay much attention to the physical preparation of players. I heard from a friend for professor Dusko Ilic and I came to PROFEX Academy first with an older son, who did one cycle of training in PROFEX, then with a younger son. They had their results, they quickly advanced in relation to other children from their clubs”, said their father Marko.

Through specific development programs of muscular and coordination exercises, Vladan and Uros achieve the greatest success with an adequate balance between body height and body weight and active cellular tissue.

Under the regular control of our expert team, led by professors Dusko Ilic and Vladimir Mrdakovic, we managed to overcome several problems that occurred during almost 18 months of work with Vladan and Uros. After program, Uros was also invited to a representative camp.

“The older son is 15 years old and two meters tall, and the younger is 13 years old and 178 centimeters tall. We wanted to prevent some of the deformations and possible injuries. As I said, there are not so much attention in the clubs about physical preparation, especially in children who grow up quickly. The muscle mass must follow the growth of the bones, and because of this, boys in the PROFEX Academy have received a special diet, which is not very easy”, said Marko.

According to him, the boys accepted work at PROFEX academy very seriously, because they quickly saw the results.

“Frankly, at the beginning I did not think that it was doing so seriously here until I saw what exercises and what kind of diet it was. That was change in our lifestyle for 180 degrees. When I saw that they were enjoying it, that it was not a problem for them, as a parent I only had to support them”, said Marko.

Professor Dusko Ilic said that the work with Vladan and Uros came on “half way”.

“It takes another year of additional development. We have greatly improved the coordination capabilities, but for top body status we have more job to do in order to expand the range of freedom of movement and various basketball skills”, said Dr Ilic.

On photo are Vladan and Uros with their father and member of PROFEX Academy Milos Ubovic.

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