PROFEX Analytics

PROFEX – Academy of healthy living as a leader in the practical application of contemporary knowledge in the field of sports science and introduces the most prestigious technological processes and procedures that improve the quality of work and raises it to the highest possible level. After extensive and detailed preparation, finally in our PROFEX conception we implemented PROFEX Analytics – a unique monitoring system that includes monitoring and analysis of key factors in PROFEX: training, recovery, nutrition and hydration.


PROFEX Analytics implies a modern monitoring system that ensures mutual balancing of the mentioned key factors according to the PROFEX principles of periodization, which provides maximal individualization and continuous interaction with our clients during the training process, and thus guarantees the quality and high efficiency of the applied PROFEX programs.

PROFEX Analytics includes a series of carefully selected variables, the initial period of the calibration of the client, and thereafter we use modern techniques and methods of the applied statistics to monitor the response of the clients on to the applied training contents, prescribed programs of diet and hydration, as well as the recovery process of the client.

PROFEX Analytics involves monitoring of daily and weekly changes, enabling not only timely interventions, but also continuous consultations to ensure that each client during the training be maximally educated and guided throughout the process, because we prepare our clients for daily routines and after completing treatment in our academy.


 Acute load (volume, intensity, frequency, enjoyment)

 Rate of load changes (week-to-week load changes, acute vs. chronic load ratio)

 Cumulative load (monotony, strain, 4-week cumulative load)


• Wellness (health, mood, fatigue, training willingness, edema, energy, sleep quality and quantity)

 Muscle soreness and joint pain (upper, middle and lower body part)

• Recovery modes (massage, sauna cryotherapy, cold and hot bath, stretching, breath exercise)


• Diet crisis (within- and between-days)

• Diet consistency (meals and snacks)

• Diet timing


• Hydration crisis (within- and between-days)

• Hydration consistency (water, juices, tea, milk, alcohol…)

• Hydration timing