Corrective body treatments

Exact and precise diagnostics is most important when it comes to corrective body treatments and “PROFEX – Academy of Healthy Life” does just that. In cases when a body is in one of these states, the goal is to naturally soften or completely remove the causes and effects of the deformity. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to spend time on diagnostics and later on serious work.

The more serious forms of the deformities are the ones manifesting themselves on the nerve level or even bone level. In these cases the process of rehabilitation lasts longer since these systems are very slowly modeled following the initial development. Individuals, especially children, who have not finished their development, have real chances of solving their problems the natural way, which means provoking the natural mechanisms which lead the body to its normal state. Reversely, when the development is in maturing stage the problem is solved by provoking compensation in the other systems. It is important to know that the muscle tissue is the most plastic in the body – it is the most susceptible to changes affected by training. That is why the deformities due to the not compact enough or not developed enough muscle tissue are corrected the quickest.

“PROFEX – Academy of Healthy Life” has very successfully dealt with problems such as children’s paralysis, different stages of recovery from paresis, all types of spinal deformities, scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis and their compensational combinations, posttraumatic states of rehabilitated body caused by a fall or a hard hit, and many discreet deformities.