Development, enlargement and tissue growth control

This program is primarily intended for children and young athletes but also for individuals where it is necessary to shape a particular segment or an entire body to its optimal level according to age, growth phase, genetic and morphological characteristics, and life and work conditions.

Working with children is very specific because it demands that sensitive and critical developmental periods of motor abilities and functional systems be respected and never overlooked. In the event that the natural development of a child is hindered by a large, accumulated quantity of fat tissue or an acquired or congenital body deformity, or even various negative psychological and social conditions, programming and planning the training process represents a complex and dynamic process of creating conditions which will, on one hand, allow for the adequate stimuli of the natural patterns and bodily needs, such as movement and playing, to be respected, and, on the other, neutralize all the factors which negatively affect growth and development. “PROFEX – Academy of Healthy Life” team has experience spanning many decades when it comes to working with our youngest clients who face problems with obesity and body deformities but also children who have been playing a sport since an early age. Professor Dusko Ilic’s and Doctor Vladimir Mrdakovic’s extensive experience in scientific research as well as its practical application in this field, along with meticulous education of all trainers for working with the youngest, are key factors which guarantee success in our work with children, adolescents and young athletes.

Academy team’s control and synchronization of tissue growth is based on in-depth knowledge of all physiological and mechanical changes that occur in such a process. First of all, tissue must contain an adequate quantity of compact and functional muscle mass, which is, as such, the first requirement in the process of preventing different body deformities, metabolic and physiological misbalance and various forms of diseases. The whole process is supported by an individualized diet regime, which is planned down to the very last detail and contains information on meal times, breaks between meals, quantity descriptions, types of liquids and times when the are ingested, while ensuring a well balanced diet according to the current metabolic needs, to name a few. All of this is done in order for ideal growth conditions for muscle tissue in targeted body areas to be achieved, for adequate hydration of the active cells, for connective tissue and joint structure to be supported and also for maintaining a stable state in all body segments and zones which are not under direct and intensive influence of the professionally led exercise activities.

The process of controlling body tissue growth undergoes, due to the appropriate program of exercise and diet, several different phases. It often happens that a person goes through a phase of having a mesomorph body type as a transitional phase towards a pure mesomorph body type.