Esthetic body shaping

‘’Turn your look into perfection’’

Esthetic body shaping is one of the most subtle training programs in the “PROFEX – Academy of Healthy Life” and is intended for people whose physical appearance represents one of the factors in their careers or personal satisfaction. The main users of this program are runway models, photo models, actors, journalists as well as anyone wanting to maximize or minimize certain parts of their body.

With very specific training procedures we affect the defining of body contours in order to accomplish elegant client appearance. We also work on body reshaping into a specific form of physiognomy, for example, for movie role needs.

Size asymmetry and the difference in the appearance of the left and right body segments is a usual occurrence which is either inherited or acquired by predominant use or long term immobilization of a particular segment. Targeted treatment can reduce to a minimum or completely annul these discrepancies.

Some of the most famous public figures in our country have used Esthetic body shaping program such as Zeljko i Jovana Joksimovic, Sanja Marinkovic, Jelena Tomasevic, Ivan Bosiljcic, Adrijana Cortan, Olivera Kovacevic and many others.