Preparation of professional athletes

“PROFEX – Academy of Healthy Life” offers a program for preparations of athletes which has been proven to be of the best quality in our country. In two decades, through the rooms of our Academy and “through hands” of Professor Ilic, passed the best Serbian athletes, such as Nenad Zimonjic, Milica Mandic, Novak Djokovic, Igor Rakocevic, Nenad Krstic, Zoran Erceg, Ivana Spanovic, as well as a large number of world and European medalists in Taekwondo and tennis in youth categories and a lot of professional and young athletes with careers in tennis, basketball, football, volleyball, table tennis, gymnastics, skiing, ballet, car racing, etc. We are especially proud of the fact that this collaboration is expanding and that many athletes recognize not only how unique the work conditions are, but the professionalism of Professor Ilic and the other members of the Academy. Plans for the future will be realized in a few different aspects: the preparation of the Serbian Taekwondo team for the Olympic Games in Rio, 2016, the preparation of the young and professional basketball players within the “PROFEX basketball team – Igor Rakocevic”, the preparation of young tennis players for professional tennis, etc.

What distinguishes our Academy from the others is partial or total missed growth phase compensation, building on specific movement techniques for a particular sport, development and control of all aspects of athlete preparation (conditional, coordination, technical and tactical, psychological). The top athletes are ensured isolation from all negative influences of the outside world and medial attention while working as well as individual work with out the presence of the other clients.

About the sport condition

In practice, the level of sport condition is most often analyzed and observed based on the achieved results. However, results, per se, are not necessarily indicators of good physical shape. Even in the case of the top results, it is important to note that it can be achieved as a result of many compensational factors resulting from the high level of training, talent, advantageous competition conditions, etc.

In most cases, the result of an athlete in the most important competitions solely depends on the biological balance of the body – preservation of the structure and function of various tissue types and favorable relationship among them, along with displaying of the maximal movement efficiency under competition condition and in sport battle. In other words, it is necessary to control and direct every detail of the training process which has as its goal reaching the peak condition for the most important competitions. This process requires extensive experience and knowledge, adequate conditions, finances and above all the readiness of the people surrounding the athlete to create an ideal environment for their improvement and achieving of the desired results. All of this is possible in the “PROFEX – Academy of Healthy Life”.

About the specificity of working with athletes

The body of an athlete is not the same as the body of a person who does not exercise regularly. High and, in some cases, extremely high load levels when training and competing, shape the body of an athlete and their neurophysical processes in a special way. However, the process of body adaptation to the exposure to those high levels cannot last forever. It often happens that an athlete, because of the trainer’s non professional leading of the training process, reaches a particular training level and ceases to react to the load they are exposed to. Lack of skill improvement and a biological block of the body lead to worse competition results, disturbance of the psychological stability and, most importantly, to the erosion of the normal and healthy body function of the athlete. In these cases we refer to the over-training of an athlete.

In order to avoid the above mentioned adverse effects of the training and competing, it is necessary to rationalize the ratio of invested work versus the gotten gain, and develop the ratio of the load, work and rest so that skill stagnation, so called plateaus, occur only when needed.

What all does “PROFEX Academy of Healthy Life” track during the preparation of athletes?

  1. The structural aspect – With the help of bioelectric impedance we quickly get precise information on the preservation of the living part of the cell apparatus, the quantity of the liquid in and around cells, the percent and the amount of the muscle and fat issue in various body segments of the athlete (legs, arms, upper body, differences between the left and the right side, etc.), edemas (swellings), etc.
  2. The morphological aspect – We consider the body volume, the organization of body mass in each segment of the body, the ratio of the upper body mass versus the lower, the shape of the thigh and torso. All of these factors affect the quantity of movement in segments, the movement amplitude, the acceleration of certain segments, the amount of used energy, internal and external forces which determine movement and all other mechanical factors which determine the movements of a man.
  3. The physiological aspect: neuro-muscle activation – is done with surface electromyography (EMG), which makes our Academy unique in our country and further. With electrmyographic measurements it is possible to evaluate isolated abilities of the muscles which are important for a large number of standard and specific sports movements. Apart from determining the state of the musculature important for the correct posture of the body, which can be jeopardized by a long professional career, various other tests are also done such as: explosive exertion, determining muscular speed potential, establishing the degree of muscle rigidity which defines mobility, the effects of exhaustion caused by various regimes and work intensity, etc.
  4. The physiological aspect – energy and work level − Daily energy balance of an athlete is above average compared to the population of people not playing a sport. Allowing an athlete an adequate energy balance with regard to the achieving of balance between energy input and output, while estimating the energy output when at work and at rest, determining the correct dose of energy input when at work and recognize overtraining, are all of utmost importance. Sometimes it is necessary to evoke a higher output than input and sometimes to toe the very thin line when the exertion is exceptional and the energy input satisfies the minimum of health and shape maintenance. This is a characteristic situation for when relative body strength of an athlete is being increased.
  5. Training – The ‘elusive’ cycle of sport condition can be used as a powerful tool, since it is, after all, possible to time it and manipulate its level. The goal of our work is to create an optimal ratio of training and sport condition, as well as to avoid wandering through the ratio of specific and general exercises. Optimization of training, in every sense, means precisely defined size and specificity in training and that is achieved through adequate periods and stages in preparations of our athletes. The main characteristic of out work is maximum effectiveness of the training process – work put in during training gives more than double back.
  6. Competition – Maybe the most important aspect of athlete preparation is ensuring that once the top functional state of the body is achieved, that state is retained where it is most needed – for a competition. “PROFEX – Academy of Healthy Life” follows different phases of an athlete’s work closely, and, with precise suggestions, solves problems from continuous training and competing.
  7. Health − Training and working in the conditions which are not optimal for health preservation increase the risk of injury, which are certain after years or decades of such training activities. The effects of unprofessional training and competing practice are carried over into the athlete’s life after the career in sports. “PROFEX – Academy of Healthy Life”, as its name implies, adamantly states that every training process under its roof is first of all healthy and then efficient to the utmost and always rewarding for the athlete’s career.