The dietary program is, along with the exercise program, the most important component of our work and the effect we have on the bodies of our clients. Professor Dusko Ilic, applies his many decades of research and knowledge it proffered along with methods proven for their effectiveness to the creation of a personalized diet. This means that every client receives a detailed and completely personalized daily meal schedule which induces the desired body changes both physiological and hormonal. Coupled with an organized and systematic exercise routine, they form conditions for a hundred percent health improvement and a hundred percent improvement in the lifestyle in several aspects. In the long run, since the dietary program provides sufficient amounts of highly nutritional and energy providing food, the body’s need for food is lessened and the feeling of being satiated is ensured. The program also ensures that the gastronomical and gourmet expectations of our clients are satisfied.

The definite need to provide modern day business people whose daily routine is fast paced and involves hours spent in a chair with easily accessible healthy food and quality meals, “PROFEX -Academy of Healthy Life” started a special menu in cooperation with “Monument” restaurants, GREEN LINE MENU. The menu has a detoxifying effect on the body and brings it the much needed physical and mental balance. All dishes are stable and easily digestible with a slow energy release process which prolongs the feeling of being satiated and provides an excellent foundation for daily physical and mental activities. Because of the positive reactions of the restaurant’s guests, the availability of the GREEN LINE MENU is increasing and a home delivery service was stared which makes it easier for clients with a lack of free time, and especially free time for preparation of quality meals, to persevere and stay on their “PROFEX Academy of Healthy Life” exercise program.

This nutritional concept, or similar, is used by some of the best athletes of today. “PROFEX – Academy of Healthy Life”, has had the great honour and pleasure of working with Novak Djokovic, Nenad Zimonjic, Milica Mandic, Igor Rakocevic and others, who accomplished the most significant achievements for Serbian sport in the last decade (two Olympic medals, and many at the European or world championships), as well as with many people who hold their psychological and physical integrity in high regard.


Cornbread with red peppers

Gives great continuous energy while not overloading the digestive system, stimulates excess liquid excretion and supports the immune system. This cornbread is gluten free. It contains fragment of mangalitsa lard.

Cornbread with sesame seeds

Allows calcium absorption and reduces stomach cramps (caraway seeds and sesame seeds).

Buckwheat cornbread with red peppers

Keeps the urogenital tract in a good shape (oat flakes).

Buckwheat cornbread with whole grain sesame seeds and caraway seeds

Because of the whole grain sesame seeds and caraway seeds it reduces stomach cramps and allows calcium absorption.

Black risotto

Gluten free and vegan-friendly. Easy on the digestive system, supports mobility of joints and protects from cracking. High in amino acids (black rice, celeriac, all types of onions, leek).

It is gluten free and vegan-friendly. It is also easy on the digestive system, supports mobility of joints and protects from cracking as well as being high in amino acids (black rice, celeriac, all types of onions, leek).

Whole grain rice

Maintains healthy and stable blood sugar levels, stimulates digestion (pumpkin, whole grain rice, celeriac and all types of onions).

Whole grain patties

Ensures fully oxygenated, quality erythrocytes and required daily calcium intake. (dry nettle, whey, whole grain sesame seeds, buckwheat flour and ground linen seeds).

Egg white pizza

It is full of proteins with a high absorption rate, recommended for breakfast. Rich in omega acids and is a great antioxidant (various types of mushrooms, tomato, black olives, arugula, oregano).

Mixed green salad

It is refreshing, easily digested and rich in folic acid (cabbage, cucumber, arugula, leek).

Salad with sesame seeds

Great accompaniment to risottos, refreshes and satiates (tomato, cucumber, lettuce, whole grain sesame seeds).

Celeriac salad

Good diuretic and immuno-modulator (celeriac, green pepper, arugula, ground pumpkin seeds).

Yoghurt with celeriac

Great addition to vegetable dishes, recommended for breakfast (yoghurt, grated celeriac and whole grain sesame).


Maintains muscle and blood vessel integrity (cranberry beans, red beans, mung beans, dry nettle and mangalitsa lard).

Pumpkin and carob squares

Satisfies the need for sugar while maintaining positive and constant sugar levels and reduces sugar cravings.

Pumpkin squares with carob and whole grain sesame seeds

Prevents rheumatism, urinary tract inflammation, suppresses ovarian inflammation, protects from varicose veins, stimulates good digestion, strengthens the liver and kidneys and coats the intestines.

Raspberry squares

Releases serotonin, the happiness hormone, and gives great mental energy (soy butter, buckwheat flour, oat flakes, raspberries, cinnamon).