Rehabilitation and therapeutic treatments

Under the watchful eye of the whole professional Academy team, the body is quickly returned to its optimal level of functioning after an injury or surgical interventions on the locomotor apparatus. In “PROFEX – Academy of Healthy Life” we treat injuries to the muscle tissue (distension, laceration and rapture), joints (distortion, dislocation, etc.) and the skeletal system (fissures and fractures).

Changes to the locomotor system can occur not only as a result of a single intense force but as a result of chronic over-extending, forced body positions and degeneration often associated with professional deformations. They can manifest as arthrosis, spondylosis, contractures, enthesitis, herniated discs, abdominal hernia, etc.

The main tools we use in injury prevention and therapy are exercises, correctly prescribed amount and individually directed, and various techniques of muscle stretching, joint decompression, spinal column relief and traction, combined with manual massage.