Tissue restructuring

Program which follows body weight reduction program is the tissue restructuring. The appearance, meaning the shape a body has, does not have to have in its structure the expected ratio of muscle, fat, bone and other types of tissues. Similar shape or appearance may greatly differ in their structure. The goal of the tissue restructuring treatment is the change of the ratio of the various tissue quantities in order to create a normal balance which offers a positive physiological answer. That means, in effect, a reduction in body circumference of a few centimeters while increasing significantly the muscle mass and therefore the body weight. In these cases, fat tissue is burned, excess liquid in or outside cells is excreted and ‘dry’ muscle mass is increased.

The more detailed restructuring involves targeted exercising which reduces the tissue type which exceeds the normal quantity while stimulating the production of the type which is deficient. Different tissue types have to be in certain proportion to each other and only then can a balanced physiological body response be expected.

The most common example of individuals in need of tissue restructuring treatment consists of people who are not overly overweight and are fairly active but cannot eliminate the excess fat tissue which is a source of discomfort for them. The balance of their different tissue types is disturbed. The goal in this case is logical: reduction of the fat and connective tissue and an increase in muscle tissue while optimizing the quantity of water in organs that tend to accumulate it.

It should be kept in mind that it is in these treatments the complexity of the problem which we are trying to solve at it highest level. Here training needs to be very carefully balanced in order for the achieved effects to be in accordance with the above mentioned goals. Exercises do not have the same direction as in the reduction of the body weight of the preparation of athletes.

Above all, the process of fat burning must be ensured, which requires a negative energy balance (smaller food energy intake than the energy output during the day) while at the same time initiating the various processes (body mass increase) which primarily deal with generating muscle tissue in the body. The complexity of this process is obvious and that is why it demands a very serious approach and work because there are risks of unwanted effects such as deterioration of overall health. “PROFEX – Academy of Healthy Life” has experts and scientists in its team who, under the supervision of Professor Ilic, can provoke and control every tiny detail of these processes.

Tissue restructuring also means development process, enlargement and tissue growth control. This process is especially important in our work with children and adolescents, and it is an obligatory part of most of our exercise programs. This process implies tissue growth and its homogenation.

We pay special attention to the fact that our clients consume food which satisfies muscle tissue growth needs.

Selective enlarging of a particular body part is a common type of work our Academy does in order to correct body deformities in cases where it is necessary to target a specific part of the body which is exactly what this type of work achieves.