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What we do

PROFEX – Akademija zdravog života je visoko profesionalna ustanova i lider u oblasti trenažnih i dijagnostičkih procesa u Srbiji i ovom delu Evrope. Već više od 20 godina u praksi primenjujemo najnovija naučna saznjanja i principe kroz jedinstvene individualne programe vežbanja i ishrane.

Osnivač PROFEX Akademije je prof. dr Duško Ilić, redovni profesor Biomehanike i Motorne kontrole i kreator jedinstvenog MDI metoda koji se primenjuje u svakom treningu u našoj ustanovi.

Programi „PROFEX Akademija zdravog života“ namenjeni su ne samo profesionalnim sportistima na putu ka ostvarenju vrhunskih rezultata, već i gojaznim osobama, deci u razvoju, osobama sa bolovima, tegobama i deformitetima, rekreativcima, javnim ličnostima koje žele da oblikuju svoje telo do savršenstva, mladim i starijim osobama.

Types of favours that we offer

  • Diagnostic testing and advice giving;
  • Testing for clubs and national teams;
  • Body reduction;
  • Tissue restructuring;
  • Esthetical shaping of the body;
  • Recreational programs;
  • Conditioning for professional athletes;
  • Developing programs for kids (control, growth and development of tissues);
  • Corrective treatments;
  • Rehabilitation/therapeutic programs;
  • PROFEX nutrition;
  • Home programs (for people outside of Belgrade);
  • Education of the citizens and thematic lectures

Professional access to exercising

In our academy we are not using typical exercise equipment such as weights. Having said that, we are not having group trainings or universal programs that are suitable for everybody, but we rather create individual ones appropriate for a specific person. Our clients during the training are getting resistance from our trainers who are using specific hand position and their own body (MDI-Manual Duško Ilić method). In that way every movement can be controlled from the beginning until the end, excluding the risk of injuries and at the same time maximizing training effects. In our work special attention is given to recovery – we are using different stretching techniques, decompression of joints, spinal retraction and relief cryotherapy and massages. Individually made programs are changed and its execution is controlled by coaches, main coaches, diagnostics team, professor Mrdaković and professor Duško Ilić.


MDI method – Manual Duško Ilić Method

This method includes a specific placement of hands and body of our trainers while giving a resistance to our clients. In this way, our trainers are able to control each movement from the beginning until the end, excluding the risks of injury and maximizing training effects at the same time.

Following the progress of our clients

Every client and its progress is being followed and when necessary the program is being changed. As well as nutrition program.

In our work, after years of preparation, PROFEX Analytics has been implemented. It is an unique online monitoring system which includes following and analyzing key factors of our programs, such as training, diet and hydration (personal evaluation).

About PROFEX programs

With a constant education and talking with our clients, we are able to teach them how to leave bad habits behind them and adopt a healthy lifestyle which is compatible with their lifestyle and genes. In a period of 4 to 7 months, our clients are able to achieve what they want if they follow our precise instructions.


Bulevar Mihajla Pupina 10b
Novi Beograd, Srbija
+381 (0)11 31 21 424
+381 64 643 5076
+381 64 643 5081

Work hour

PROFEX academy
On weekdays: 6:00-20:00h,
Saturday: 8:00-15:00h

You can make contact by phone every working day between 8 am and 6 pm


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