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Individual programs

Unique approach to every practice

In our academy we are not using typical exercise equipment such as weights. Having said that, we are not having group trainings or universal programs that are suitable for everybody, but we rather create individual ones appropriate for a specific person. Our clients during the training are getting resistance from our trainers who are using specific hand position and their own body (MDI-Manual Duško Ilić method). In that way every movement can be controlled from the beginning until the end, excluding the risk of injuries and at the same time maximizing training effects.

On the pictures below you can see examples of MDI method

In our work, we pay special attention to recovery and care of the body by using specific stretching methods, decompression of the joints, spinal retraction and relief, cryotherapy and massage. Specially created programs are being controlled vertically by coaches, main coaches, diagnostic team and professors Vladimir Mrdaković and Duško Ilić.

Length of our programs and home programs

With this kind of training and appropriate nutritious diet it is possible to achieve maximum results. PROFEX programs for individuals are 4 to 7 months long in average. After finishing them, our clients continue to come to control measures and to take care of their bodies. For athletes and people who are not is Serbia often we offer advanced programs for home practicing (7-14 days) which allow them to improve their performances and change bad habits.

Examples of training programs written by hand by professor Ilić

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