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Dejan Milovanović

Dejan Milovanović was born in 1991. in Čačak. He finished primary and high school also in Čačak. After that he started studies at the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education in Belgrade in 2010. where he finished Bachelor studies in 2014. and got his master degree in 2016.

He has been training football for 16 years and even today he enjoys playing it with his friends. While he was a student, he used to work in one fitness club in Novi Sad as well as in schools of football for children. In 2016 and 2017 we was in England for further education. After that, he had started working in our Academy where he is now working with various clients and helping them to achieve their aims. Our clients regard him as a demanding, but pleasant coach.

In his free time he plays football, likes to watch movies and learn foreign languages (English and Polish).

He is happily married and he has a son.

Dejan Milovanović