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Body mass reduction

Over 50% of clients initially come to our institution due to problems caused by increased body weight. Excess body weight is mainly a consequence of the increased amount of adipose tissue and fluid in the body. It does not only represent an aesthetic problem but also a high-risk factor for the development of various metabolic and functional disorders. The direct consequence of endangering human health is the appearance of various diseases and illnesses. That is why we have created a special program called “Weight Loss“.

Tested and effective

In just a few months (on average 4 to 7) with the help of the “Weight Loss” program, our clients manage to lose over 30% of their body weight. In the first few weeks, up to 10% of the weight is lost. The reduction process is accompanied by constant supervision of experts, i.e. professors, and doctors by invitation. Regular measurements of body structure are performed in order to check the organism status, and regular rehabilitation procedures are included. In this way, we break the myth that “1 kilogram per week is the maximum that a person can lose without compromising health”. We constantly monitor every aspect of our client’s health and physical status through constant supervision and control. After a few months of the program, clients often stop consuming pills that regulate blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, regulate blood sugar, or relieve pain.

An example of rapid reduction of body fat (Body fat expressed as [kg]; PBF expressed as [%]) and fluid (Total Body water) in an extremely obese woman aged 44 years, in just 7 months.

PROFEX program for weight reduction is one of the most recognizable aspects of the work of professor Ilić and his team. According to the analysis of the World Health Organization, at the beginning of this century, over 70% of the world’s population “suffered” from being overweight. Today, that number is far higher. Two decades ago, professor Ilić estimated the direction in which people’s health and consciousness would develop, and weight reduction became a unique program in the world and 100% effective. We are especially proud of the weight reduction programs for children and adolescents. For them, in the processes of growth and development, completely different laws of organism functioning apply with respect to adults.

About optimal body weight and body appearance

Optimal body mass is not a one-dimensional observation of the relationship between mass and height. People of the same age, gender, and height do not have the same ideal weight. It is necessary to include morphological characteristics and relationships of different types of tissues in the analysis of optimal body weight, as well as the functional status of the organism, morphotype (genetic predisposition), and many other factors. This can only be done through diagnostic procedures on modern devices, as well as through controls and inspections by experts with extensive experience in treating the human body.

Changes in body structure

The main characteristic of our work on weight reduction is the volume reduction of body segments through the reduction of adipose tissue. Throughout the process, continuous changes in body structure are made by changing the amount and ratio of different tissue types. That is, reducing fat and increasing the quality-“living” cellular apparatus and muscle mass. We give special emphasis to obese people by reducing the size of thighs and pelvic girdles. Unlike other similar exercise and nutrition programs, the exercise and nutrition program offered by PROFEX – Academy of Healthy Living does not lead to dehydration and the famous “yo-yo” effect. By systematic metabolism treatment, the rapid activation and maximum prolongation of lipolysis is affected, i.e. over several different factors, fat is activated as the primary source of energy in the exercise process.

After completing the “Weight Loss” program, our clients acquire a specific body identity. That is, on our clients we try to achieve the greatest possible tissue compactness on the smallest possible body volume. In this way, we achieve maximum functionality and mobility of the body. We also control the blood flow and prevent large oscillations in the body’s energy throughout the day.

The results of our work can be seen in the GALLERY BEFORE AND AFTER.

Work methods

The basic tool of our work is a specific technique of fast walking, which is world-recognized and patented by professor Duško Ilić. It is implemented to support the improvement of the neural component of muscle tone and active structures of muscle tissue. Exercises on the ground floor are also used.

The body reduction program takes place in several systematically related stages:
Preparation of joints and locomotor apparatus for exercise;
Melting of fat depots;
Conservation of ideal condition.

Preparation of joints and locomotor apparatus for exercise
The process of joint preparation takes 14-20 days and is done through specific exercises with the optimal and individually dosed load as well as through a customized diet. This process is monitored throughout the entire exercise process, providing stable working conditions. At this stage, the subjective biggest change happens within the person – a sense of power is acquired. This is later channeled into exercise with efficient melting of the body fat. This phase is characterized by various accompanying phenomena, which is the reaction of the organism to a new specific working condition: pain, burning, tingling, cracking in the joints, etc. Such manifestations are fine indicators of the organism activation. Joint preparation is directly related to the increase of the elasticity and tightness of tendon-connective structures. Thus, with the increase of synovial production (“lubrication” of joints), accumulation of cartilage sediment, and greater tissue capillarity, conditions are created for improving the status of the human locomotor system.

Melting of fat depots
It is a phase in which the body has already adapted to exercises of large volume and relatively high intensity. The “magic” of training then comes into play: the total work to rest ratio, the choice of exercises, the total number of different exercises, the speed of individual movements, the total number of sets of specific exercises, the total number of repetitions in a series, the total repetitions in a series to the total number of repetitions during the exercise session ratio, the choice of the type of break, the length of the break to the length of the exercise ratio, the type of the break and his choice in relation to the previous exercise, etc.

Conservation of ideal condition
It is a process that causes plastic changes in certain tissues so that they become resistant to the onset of any fat deposition in the body. Along with the physical changes, the necessary psychological changes have already taken place in terms of adopting habits regarding diet, physical activity, and healthy (physical) hygiene. With this serious approach to exercise, diet, and daily habits, weight reduction in the exercise conditions we provide is certain.

During all three stages described, several more important processes are happening:
Creating and maintaining a stable aerobic base (mechanism for obtaining energy from food without creating oxygen debt, i.e. with a sufficient amount of oxygen).
Elimination of a wide range of metabolic disorders and the effects of the so-called “metabolic syndrome”.
Calming, and then treating various disorders in the processes of hormone secretion, diseases of the digestive system, and the gas exchange system.
Elimination of dysfunctions in the work of the kidneys and renal calyces, which affect fluid retention in the body and create swelling (edema) and a feeling of bloating due to inadequate nutrition and fluid intake. By eliminating these problems, not only the amount of fluid (bodyweight) decreases, but it also directly affects mental relief, reduces swelling of the body (especially in the legs), and the whole sequence of physiological and metabolic processes.
Skin rejuvenation.
Reponing of bone ends and treatment of joint changes, which creates positive energy balances during motion of the locomotor system.

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