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Analyses of motor abilities

Analyses of motor abilities are being done with the help of Optojump Next system and Witty photocells. These are devices from an italian firm „Microgate“. Devices are having specialized softwares for designing and creating different kinds of tests. Tests are for identifying different aspects of motor abilities, such as strength, speed, agility, coordination and so on.

When we check results in great details, we get the information about present active muscle force, about development and usage of elastic muscle tissue and speed of activation of motor units.

Explanation of the results

The results gotten from diagnostics are being analyzed and interpreted, while every client gets these results textually and graphically presented. Diagnostic testing in our laboratory is the most important element when creating ones’ training procedure and adequate nutrition plan, which means that the former and the latter are custom made for every single client, according to his current health condition. This method of work allows us to create efficient programs for our clients in order to achieve maximum results.

Testiranje motoričkih sposobnosti