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Analysis of a body structure

Full body structure is being evaluated by bioelectical impedance with the help of Body 770 and Body 720 analyzers(from an american company Biospace). They are able to give precise information about quantity and relations of different tissues in the body.

By using the method of reactivity, this system uses 6 different frequencies through 5 body segments. We can see the whole body structure in total and separately for each segment of a body.

Complete and partial indicators

Based on quality and quantity of electrical conductivity of tissues we are able to precisely decide how fat mass and muscle mass are being divided in a body. As well as total amount of water, proteins, minerals, ratio between extracellular and intracellular liquids. We are able to define this for the whole body and for its segments.

Further more, bioelectric impedance allows us to see if there are some swellings in the body, which body index is present, what level of energy is being spent during resting (basal metabolism),which is the level of visceral fat and the information about the state of right and left side of the body.

Accent on children and youth

This kind of tests are especially important for children and young athletes in order to check their bones, fat and muscle mass (especially when they are growing acceleratedly). If this isn’t treated correctly (either because of not paying attention to it or because of lack of trainer’s knowledge )it can have negative consequences on a child (harmful, long lasting changes of locomotor system and metabolism). In order to prevent all of these above mentioned bad things, we are running different kinds of tests in our PROFEX Academy.

Usage of results and deciding of the direction

The results from testing are our base for creating a diet and a training plan. It is often happening that right because of our tests, changing of training programs and periodization of trainings professional athletes are able to reach their peak performances.

Telesna struktura
Telesna struktura