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Morphological testing

Morphological testing means a standard procedure of measuring voluminosity and length of body parts. It shows a present state of one’s body (size, length and volume of a body).

Volume and how it is divided in one’s body determines directly how the body is going to move and in which range. This allows us to see how proportional the body is according to morphological type, profession (different sports demand different types of movement) or a wanted look.

Pelvic alignment

The results are also valuable for an evaluation of postural status, which can be identified by checking the pelvic alignment. Pelvic alignment allows us to see if there are some imbalances which can cause problems when walking or standing. Possible imbalances must be treated right especially when children and adolescents are concerned. Also, for professional athletes who plan to have long careers.

An amplitude test

An amplitude test includes evaluation of mobility, to be precise, a movement amplitude of all joints in all three planes. According to this evaluation, we are able to identify which areas of the body/joints are limiting factors for achieving an optimal mobility of locomotor system.