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Corrective treatments for the body

In the last few years, there is an increase in the number of children’s deformities. We especially think of:

Flat feet
Scapula problems
Knock knees etc.

All these problems are active among children with genetic predisposition, inactive children and children with a poor diet. Often they grow too fast, which can lead to these problems. These problems can cause pain throughout whole life, so it is important so solve them as early as possible.


Precise diagnostic
For all the reasons above mentioned, corrective programs are very important. Basic information for making a suitable program is precise diagnostic. When we have detailed information, we can create exercises to help the body to heal in a natural way.

Dealing with difficult body deformities
Difficult body deformities appear on a nerve basis and a skeleton basis. In both cases, rehabilitation lasts longer than usually, because these systems model slowly after the growth is finished ( the height is stable and the body is reproductively mature. By nature, persons that are still growing in some way or another, especially children are able to solve these kind of problems easily. This can be done by provoking natural mechanisms that bring organism into its natural state. Vice versa, when the growth is in the final stage, compensation is happening by challenging other systems. It is important to know that muscle tissue is the most plastic one in an organism, which means it can be easily affected and changed by an adequate training program. Having said that, it is clear that deformities caused by incompact and insufficient muscle mass can be removed faster than others.


Our corrective PROFEX Academy treatments for the body are successfully dealing with problems like: children paralysis, different phases of recovering from Paresis, all types of spine deformities (scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis and others), posttraumatic rehabilitation states caused by a strong fall or hit and other less severe states.

In our work, it is vital that we first deal with the causes and that we prevent further spreading of the problems. Only after that, we can start with the corrective programs if the body is “ready and able” to deal with it.

All episodes about this topic, can be watched at our YouTube channel in a show “Predict Unpredictable

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