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Lazar Bjelić

Lazar Bjelić is a trainer in our PROFEX Academy. He was born in Belgrade where he finished mechanical high school „TehnoArt”. After that he started professional studies at the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education in Belgrade where he finished Bachelor studies in 2015.

Since he was 10, he was a part of famous national gathering for folklore “Sveti Sava”. He has been very successful in this activity and still today he is a part of first performing group. With this group he had had 35 tours and performances at international festivals of folklore. He received an award from CIOFF (International Council of Organizations of Folklore Festivals and Folk Arts). He used to work as an assistant in school of folklore and folk music where he was teaching children about folk dance and healthy lifestyle. He volunteered in organizing international folk festivals in Belgrade “Belgrade Award” in period from 2012 to 2015. Besides folklore, he used to train basketball and triathlon.

He is engaged and he is living in Belgrade. His favorite things to do, except folklore and sport are travelling, reading and watching movies. He is especially interested in history and ethnology.

His work in our academy has started in 2015. His sense of rhythm and movement was compatible with his work of a trainer in PROFEX Academy. He is especially skilled in working with children, amateurs and professional players.

Lazar Bjelić