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Miloš Stanišić

Miloš Stanišić

Coordinator of our work and main coach


Miloš Stanišić is the coordinator of our work and main coach in our PROFEX Academy. He was born in Belgrade. Until the age of 16 he was actively playing handball in the famous club “Obilić”. He has finished Sport high school in Belgrade. After that, he entered Higher Medical school in Belgrade and has graduated in the department for physiotherapists. The same year the passed national exam and was certified to work in national medical institutions.

Immediately after finishing his studies, he got a job as a conditional coach in our PROFEX Academy. He prefers programs for the body reduction, aesthetic shaping of the body and recreational exercise. He is professional and our clients have confidence in his work. For the last 10 years he has been organizing the work of our academy and our coaches.

He is single and living in Belgrade. His prefers to spend his spare time training and hanging out with his friends. His hobby is owning of exotic species of animals.

Miloš Stanišić