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Professor dr Duško Ilić

Professor Duško Ilić was born in 1965 in a small city called Loznica.
He had finished elementary school in a small place called Draginjci with highest grades. After finishing elementary school, he had continued his education and had finished electrotechnical high school in Loznica, also as a top student. Faculty of Sport and Physical education in Belgrade he had started in 1986. and he had graduated in January 1991 on the subject of Biomechanics with the highest grade 10. He has been working at the Faculty of Sport and Physical education since 1993. Now he is a regular professor on following subject: Biomechanics of human locomotion, Motor control and Biomechanics with the basic of motor control. He defended his PhD thesis: “Basic variables of motor programs of fast terminal movements” in 1997. In the period between 1992 and 1998 he has been in America at UIC and RUSH universities. His staying there was due to many surveys about motor management and motor learning. He has published seven science books until now, as well as many scientific works in both, national and international magazines.

Science in practise

For the last twenty years, Duško has been intensively working in many sports, applying scientific laws into practice. Especially, he has been working individually with many high-ranked professional tennis players, rowers, basketball players, football players, taekwondo fighters and many more. He was hired as a coach and an associate in order to achieve excellent results at competitions by National Tennis and Taekwondo association, National basketball, Judo and Wrestling association. Beside above mentioned, he has worked in several international clubs. All of them hired him to help them with diagnostic, conditioning, theoretical education of athletes and their coaches.

Biggest sport accomplishments

As a conditional coach of tennis player Nenad Zimonjić, he has won first place on the ATP list of doubles in 2008.This first place was the crown of many previous masters and grand slams titles;
Also, he has worked as a conditional coach of National tennis team when Novak Đokovic has won bronze medal in Beijing in 2008;
Also in Olympics, but in 2012 in London, as a conditional coach of Milica Mandić he has won gold medal in Taekwondo. This medal made Taekwondo famous in our country;
Collaboration with National Taekwondo team was also on in 2016 Olympics in Brazil, where Tijana Bogdanović won silver medal for our country;
In the last few years he has been working with many professional players such as Janko Tipsarević (tennis), Luka Milivojević (football), Andrija Prlainović (water pollo), national female basketball team and many more.

Currently he is living in Belgrade, Serbia. He has a beautiful daughter Mina. He is very dedicated to improving training procedures and developing nutritious meals which can be tasted in Monument restaurants in Belgrade. His favorite pastimes are spending time in nature, running, playing football and tennis.

U poslednjih nekoliko godina, osnivač PROFEX Akademije profesor Duško Ilić vrši i redovne TV edukacije građana. Kako profesionalnih i mladih sportista, trenera, tako i svih drugih zainteresovanih osoba. Pre svega putem edukativnih TV emisija i gostujućih predavanja.

Duško Ilić


Starting from 2014 professor Duško Ilić, PROFEX team guided by professor Vladimir Mrdaković and our collegue Miloš Ubović have made 20 educational television shows: Predict Unpredictable in cooperation with television network “Studio B”. In these episodes, many practical things about healthy lifestyle can be heard by professor Duško Ilić.
Also, Duško is talking about obesity and gives advice how to deal with it, how to choose appropriate sport for your child and how to prevent injuries and dysfunctions of your body.
All 20 shows are also available for you to see them on our YouTube channel



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Gostovanje u emisiji
Gostovanje u emisiji
Gostovanje u emisiji


Professor Duško Ilić has been a guest lecturer on more than 20 events in the last five years in different cities in Serbia. All events were organized by several sport associations, National association for Fitness and Sport, TV and radio shows and many companies. Also, he has been a guest in numerous television shows dedicated to health prevention, healthy lifestyle and professional sport.
If you have some further questions about possible collaboration with our PROFEX team or personally with professor Duško Ilić, do not hesitate to contact us by email
Most of our educational recordings you can listen and follow on our YouTube channel PROFEX Academy.