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Zlatan Prokopić

Zlatan Prokopić is a trainer in our PROFEX Academy. He was born in Loznica where he finished electrotechnical high school. In 2010.he graduated at the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education.

As a child, he used to play football in all age groups in football club “Loznica”. In a period from 2010 to 2012, he worked as a football coach in Belgrade, where it was clear that he had talent for explaining and passing the knowledge to younger players. Since 2012.he has been part of our team. His energy is unique and it makes his clients eager to always give their best. This was recognized by Football Federation of Azerbaijan, which hired him to work on conditioning of their young football players.

He is engaged and lives in Belgrade. He loves football and other sports, which are on his schedule whenever possible.

Zlatan Prokopić