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Analysis of foot function, statics and dynamics of foot function

“PROFEX-Academy of healthy lifestyle” has “GaitScan, AmCube FootWork Pro” platform. It has over 400 sensors which are touch sensitive and are able to detect data 300 times per second.

Technologically up-to-date equipment in combination with strong software gives us enormous quantity of most precise data. Information that we have got allows us to evaluate function of feet and biodynamic characteristics of steps when walking or running. As well as data about pelvis orientation and other similar indicators.

Flat feet and body imbalance

Bad position of feet can cause pain in the feet, joints, knees and lower part of the back. Minimal imbalance between left and right leg when walking, standing or running (caused by non equal weight distribution) during a long period of time or a professional career can have effect on different body parts and cause difficult deformities of our apparatus for movement. Because of bad genes and inadequate shoes, huge number of people have modified sole physiognomy and problems with flat feet. These kinds of tests are here because of that reason, in order to help people to have correct mechanic of feet movement.