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Analysis of the status of the spinal column, Postural analysis, analysis of body posture

Postural analysis is extremely important in the field of prevention and elimination of bad posture and definition of risk factors for deformities, curvatures and rotations of the spinal column.

Poor posture can be associated with a wide range of symptoms of varying severity, from back pain, headaches, to joint and muscle pain. Which in many ways reduces the quality of life.

Postural analyzes are very useful for the purpose of creating exercise programs for all populations, children, adults, and athletes. Not to be omitted if our intention is to program an individual, most appropriate and effective exercise program!

Most bone and joint disorders and problems arise from impaired postural status (poor body posture) and wrong forms of movement. That is the reason why we paid special attention to postural analyzes and provided the most modern system of the German company Contemplas.

We have the TEMPLO software which, with the possibility of synchronizing the operation of even 12 high-resolution high-speed cameras, supports a large number of devices that are used for comprehensive, complete and complex biomechanical analysis of posture, walking, running technique, jumping or any other sports technique. One of the basic tasks of the software is to enable time synchronization of the results of all devices and provide a picture from multiple planes through comprehensive precise data on the position of all parts of the body in space and time. For example, let’s say the synchronization of the results provided by two, three, eight or more cameras from several different angles.

Postural analyzes are a special module of the TEMPLO software, which include the most modern 2D and 3D analyzes of postural status. There are 20 different protocols available, each of which provides data on the relationship between the holding of individual parts of the body through different parameters depending on the specific situation and need.

At PROFEX, we most often use a pressure plate (baropodometric platform) in posture analysis, which measures the load distribution (pressure distribution) on the soles of the feet during standing, which together with the 3D posture analysis forms a 4D representation of the postural status. With such a display, we gain an insight into the complete cause-and-effect relationship of all individual parts of the body and understand the causes of bone-joint problems and disorders.

It is clear that postural analysis or body posture analysis is very important and significant for creating a personal exercise program. Posture analysis reveals muscle imbalances and bad posture habits during standing, sitting, and especially during the basic forms of movement, walking, jumping, running, which gives us the opportunity to do education in terms of establishing proper posture or restructuring and reorganizing wrong automatic movements. .