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Telemetric kinesiology electromyography analysis (EMG)

“PROFEX Academy of healthy lifestyle” takes care about nurturing a good body shape, especially when professionals are concerned. Also, we provide training conditions that allow the body to remember needed motor patterns which are excluded from the influence of a fatigue.

Efficient DELSYS trigno EMG system

In our “PROFEX Academy of healthy lifestyle” we are doing electromyography’s testings, with the help of DELSYS Trigno EMG system. It has completely wireless tracking of even 16 channels. Analyses and results gotten from this apparatus are one of the best ones in the area of kinesiology’s testings are they can be done in our academy.

Electromyography’s analyses (EMG) are able to evaluate isolatedly the ability of the muscles important for keeping the right posture of the body (postural body status), which can be jeopardized by a long professional career or lifestyle. Besides that, we have the possibility to analyze muscles that affect a great number of specific movements important for sport success. State of the art apparatus allows us to track muscles in conditions of static and quasi-static straining, such as keeping the right body posture. Also, we have the possibility to do numerous muscle tests, such as determining the status in explosive strainings, evaluating the speed potential of the muscles and determining the degree of stiffness of the muscles that affect ones’ flexibility.

Neuromuscular activation and fatigue

Muscles that are in charge of controlling of movements in a body are under control of central nervous system. When we are evaluating ones’ shape, it is necessary to estimate muscles and its status from the aspect of nerve’s regulation.

Most movements in professional sport require fast turning on and off of certain muscles, followed by a high level of coordination of this process. During this process, especially in the long run because of hard training regimes and with no adequate breaks, fatigue of muscles is common thing, but it is often followed by a fatigue of nervous system as well. Because of that, it is vital to follow neuromuscular fatigue and to see what reactions are happening in the body because of it. Often it is happening that our movements are completely changed when we are tired (for instance, in the last minutes of a basketball game we can often see a decline in the percentage of shots or in the end games of a tournament, even though players are feeling physically good).

Maximum voluntary contraction (MVC)

MVC is a specific test, which is able to detect a level of muscle activation during an isometric contraction. This kind of test is giving us information about an amount of neural impulses from central neural system that really come to muscles and information about how are impulses divided in time. According to that information, we are able to see features of neural component of a muscle tonus. Also, we can see how the muscle is going to behave when its length is changed, which allows us to unconditionally define muscles’ features and behaviors.

Telemetrijska kineziološka elektromiografska analiza (EMG)