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Rehabilitational threapeutic treatments

After an injury or surgical intervention on the locomotor system, we quickly and efficiently restore the body to an optimal level of functioning. All this under the control of the entire professional team of our Academy. The problem with the disturbed status of the discs of the spinal column (herniated disc) or the knee joint is very common. Almost every second man and every third woman who entered the PROFEX Academy had this problem, either after an injury or due to other causes. In “PROFEX – Academy of Healthy Life” we also treat injuries of muscle tissue (distension, laceration, rupture), joints (distortions, luxations, etc.), bone apparatus (fissures and fractures), etc.

Changes in the locomotor apparatus can occur not only as a result of a one-time intense force, but also as a result of chronic overstrain, forced positions and degenerative changes, which are often related to professional deformities. They can manifest themselves through various forms of arthrosis, spondylosis, contractures, entensitis, abdominal hernias, etc.

The basic means we use in injury prevention and therapy are correctly dosed and individually directed exercises, as well as various techniques of muscle stretching, joint decompression, spinal column relief and traction, combined with physical procedures: ultrasound, currents, magnets, lasers and manual massage.

Since 2020, we also have the most modern equipment for improving body mobility and increasing the force exerted when performing movements – an isokinetic dynamometer from the company Humac Norm. Read more on this link.

Rehabilitaciono - terapeutski tretmani
Rehabilitaciono - terapeutski tretmani
Rehabilitaciono - terapeutski tretmani